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Sam Jaspersohn


Sam Jaspersohn grew up surrounded by nature in a rural town in the Green Mountains of Vermont. In these surroundings he was able to explore the woods, practice en pleine air painting and, oddly enough, learn computer music composition.

His early influences included Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Sasha & Digweed, and 90’s trip hop. With these sounds in his head, he began recording his own house and techno music at age fifteen, and discovered his gift for creating unique sounds and aural landscapes—a talent that shaped his signature style.

Jaspersohn’s productions and remixes are subtle, emotional, melancholic, and euphoric. There’s a human roughness to his tracks, which he achieves via field recordings, and sampling of his own voice and trumpet playing. In 2015, he further evolved his style via collaborations with numerous New York and Hawaii-based vocalists. Jaspersohn’s varied sound will be further unveiled with his 2016 debut of a live set of original works that blurs the boundaries between musical categories, but might be best summed as deep and atmospheric house music.

Discontent with just creating music, Jaspersohn started his own imprint in 2012. The result was Jyre Records: founded on the principle that music and visual arts are spiritually connected, mutually inspiring, and not to be separated. Expect an evolving sound that embraces warmth and darkness from Jyre Records and its growing list of international artists.
A resident of Brooklyn, NY, Jaspersohn has recently opened Bassment Sessions in Miami for SHADED and Reelow during WMC 2015. In recent years he has performed for Renegade Empire presents Darin Epsilon (Sudbeat, Hope Recordings, Renaissance) alongside label mates Luke Hunter and Dirtyclean at Treehouse Miami, and Momentum featuring Pan-Pot. He is also a regular fixture at NYC’s Momentum and Rite of Wednesday’s parties at Verboten. He has played additional dates for TBA Brooklyn, Louie and Chan, The DL, For the Fools, DS 2015, Clubber’s Guide New York, Massive Groove, Twice as Proper, Bar 13, Karma Lounge, Electronic Rhythm and Global Mixx Radio.

In 2016, Jaspersohn has his first vinyl release with Berlin label Resopal Schallware. The release features a collaboration with Saqib and remix by Talal aka Lost Boy. His collaboration with San Francisco-based producer Martin Aquino titled Negi can be heard summer 2016 on UK label Decay Records.

He has additional releases with Sheik ‘N’ Beik sub-label Eyespy, Intimate Project Music, Cenote Records and Plus Plus Records.